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Saturno 182 AR

Guarantee of quality, care for details and lasting value.

The company

Saturno is a firm specialising in the manufacture of silver miniatures. Since its foundation – almost half a century ago, our company has established itself internationally for its distinctive ornaments inspired by the animal world.

In the late Eighties and early Nineties our firm was able to understand the evolution in the demand and decided to apply the new enamelled silver trend to its traditional ornaments. Enamelling had mainly been limited to pendants and rings so far.

Thanks to our skilful craftspeople, precious miniatures come to life, capturing the colours of the animals that have inspired them. First, definite brush strokes highlight just some details – the head of a duck, the wings of a butterfly, and then they move on drawing the whole body, creating colourful fish and birds, whose varied nuances find a perfect harmony with the precious metal.

The well-known quality of our miniatures is therefore enhanced by the joyful elegance of colours, thus highlighting the care and attention to details that our firm has always devoted to its products.

The ornaments by Saturno 182 AR range from refined ornaments for special occasions – or charming party favours, to actual collector’s items, accurately refined in every single detail. Elements brightening up their estimators’ favourite places – a sitting room, a corner in the office – with the gleam of silver and glossiness of enamel. Over the years, our company has driven its expertise in silver manufacturing towards other fields of production, such as bracelets, key rings, cufflinks and pendants.

Nowadays Saturno, with its brand 182 AR, is a guarantee of quality, care for details and lasting value.

Our customers look for and acknowledge the distinctive features of our brand: the excellence in the sector – guaranteed by the value of 925 silver – that we represent; the modelling, which is painstakingly well-refined; the extremely realistic and detailed reproduction of figures; the exquisite finishing; the guarantee of long-lasting items. From the Italian market our business activity has expanded internationally, establishing itself as a leading brand throughout Europe – especially in Britain and Austria – and the world. The scope of our market is continually expanding with intense activity in the US, Japan and Australia.