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Saturno 182 AR

The company

Saturno is a firm specialising in the manufacture of silver miniatures. Since its foundation – almost half a century ago, our company has established itself internationally for its distinctive ornaments inspired by the animal world.

Handicraft Manufacturing

Saturno precious miniatures spring up from three main ingredients: inspiration, handicraft and expertise.

The techniques acquired over the years allowed the company to perform a qualitative and aesthetic “quantum leap” in all its production. The handicraft and expertise gained over more than half-a-century activity now combines with cutting-edge procedures and instruments. The introduction of CAD (Computer Aided Design), scanners and resin 3D printers makes Saturno an international benchmark in the field of small gifts and silver jewellery.

Our collections

Join the network of Saturno

Join the established customer network of Saturno, in Italy and worldwide: a leading reality in the world of small gifts, accessories and jewels. As a Saturno customer, you will offer your purchasers top quality products, resulting from inspiration, handicraft and expertise. We can customise our models in order to meet your personal taste and needs, at special convenient prices.